Nanotechnology in Our World

You hear the term “nanotechnology,” and what do you think of? Science fiction, maybe robots, something along those lines? In reality, nanotechnology is making life easier for everyone. At its core, nanotechnology is the science of working with matter on an atomic and molecular scale. The hope is that scientists can use nanotechnology to make new materials and products that boast a wide range of applications.

The practical side of nanotechnology

To give you an example of how nanotechnology can effect your daily life here is an article that Science Daily ran a few weeks ago. The article states that scientists are developing a way to use nanotechnology to reduce the degree of friction in car engines and machines. This technology might make machines operate more efficiently; extending their lives. Based on the article, tiny polymer particles were created and dispersed in oils used in automobile engines. These were then tested in conditions comparable to car engines and found to lessen friction significantly.

More efficient motors

There are friction-reducing additives used by many industries today, however when these tiny polymer particles were launched at a low concentration they were able to reduce friction by 55 percent more than standard additives currently can. As the field of nanotechnology keeps growing we can expect more breakthroughs like this.

The emerging world of nanotechnology

If you think, then, that nanotechnology is only good for Hollywood special effects blockbusters; simply take a close look at your car’s engine. Eventually, nanotechnology could leave you with an engine that utilizes less gas. That, of course, can give you a fatter wallet, and you’ll be able to thank nanotechnology for this.

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